Things to Know About Investment Management Fees 

When it comes to investing, there is no such thing as free. If there’s one thing that can influence your portfolio, affecting your ability to meet your financial goals and lowering your returns, it’s paying unnecessary investment fees.  

Almost every person knows the concept of investment cost. However, not all of them know the complexities behind the true cost of financial products and fee structures.  

Perhaps you’re wondering what every type of fee is for or perhaps you don’t even know how much you’re paying.  

Today, we’re going to share with you several things to know about investment management fees. It does not matter if you’re using a commission-based company, a fee-only firm, or other types of financial management companies.  

What are Investment Fees? 

Investment fees are the expenses associated with maintaining your accounts, owning financial instruments, and getting portfolio management advice. However, the accurate definition varies on the professional advice you’re getting and the form of investments you hold in your portfolio.  

Can You Negotiate the Fee? 

A couple of investment fees are negotiable. However, there are particular types that you can’t negotiate. For instance, expenses associated with owning an ETF or a mutual fund aren’t usually flexible. However, every fund type will have various fees. 

Meanwhile, if you’re working with a financial advisor, investment management fees are typically negotiable.  

What’s The Usual Investment Management Fee? 

The fee structure utilized in the financial management industry varies from one firm to another. Every company will include various expenses and offer particular benefits for their customers.  

A lot of firms will bill every customer a percentage of investable assets with a lower percentage for high net worth. For instance, a person with a portfolio of more than $3 million may have an investment cost of less than 1%. On the other hand, a person with $500,000 in investable assets might pay a 2% management fee.  

Though the percentage-based system is the same throughout the industry, the exact services covered and percentage will vary.  

For instance, a couple of companies might include financial planning as part of their expenses. On the other hand, other companies might offer private banking services but only provide a discount on financial planning.  

On several occasions, comparing companies is the same as comparing oranges and apples. It’s hard to measure what a normal portfolio management fee is.  

What Fees Do You Pay When You Invest? 

The fees you’ll pay when investing vary in the form of accounts you’ve got, your overall net worth, and the investments you hold in your account.  

For instance, if you hire a professional investment advisor, you might have to pay an investment management fee on a percentage basis.  

On the other hand, you’ll have to pay account administration fees and transaction expenses if you choose to invest in a DIY approach via a discount brokerage.  

Furthermore, you might also be paying a performance fee and an MER (Management Expense Ratio) if you choose to invest in structured financial products. This includes ETFs, hedge funds, or mutual funds.  

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What are the health benefits of Kratom? 

Numerous herbal medicines are traditionally used worldwide. One of these herbal medicines known for different effective claims is the Kratom leaves that have been used for different medicinal purposes. The Kratom leaves are naturally processed in powder form and it is known for treatment of different mental health problems. Also, it has a treatment ability and different health benefits. Kratom is a tropical tree and native in different countries like Thailand, Papua New Guinea, Malaysia, and Indonesia, but it is available in USA based online store offering Kratom powder for sale

What are the main health benefits of Kratom? 

  • Pain reliever 

Kratom is rich in analgesic compound that quickly relieves pain. Kratom contains alkaloids which are similar to morphine’s pain-relieving effects without the fear of getting addicted to it.  

  • Reduces stress, depression, and anxiety 

Kratom has the ability to soothe nerves and calm you down. It has a psychostimulant formula that releases serotonin and endorphins that perfectly recommended for people suffering from stress, depression, anxiety, and other mental health problems.  

  • Diabetes treatment 

Kratom has good effects in controlling blood sugar levels. Alkaloids are found to regulate the amount of insulin and glucose present in the blood that prevents diabetes. 

  • Promotes Heart health 

Components of Kratom are good for body hormones, blood vessels, and arteries, which lowers blood pressure. This can also prevent cardiovascular diseases like atherosclerosis, heart attacks, and strokes. 

  • Great sexual stimulant  

Aside from its health benefits, Kratom is also used as an aphrodisiac and sexual enhancer that helps blood flow to increase fertility, re-energized libido, and treat a sexual disorder.   

What are the common Kratom strains and its effect? 

  • White Vein Maeng Da Kratom 

It is known for aromatherapy, stimulating, and energizing effect. 

  • Red Vein Maeng Da Kratom 

This comes in strong but smooth effects for it is known for having the highest alkaloids contents that are perfect for pain relief. 

  • Green Vein Maeng Da Kratom 

This one is known for being the bestseller strain of Kratom powder for sale for it has rich alkaloid concentration making it a great mix of energy, calming, relaxing, and lasting relief effects. 

  • Red Bentuangie Kratom 

Above all Kratom strains, this one comes in a mild, soothing, relaxing mix, and is effective for pain killing. 

  • Green Bali Kratom 

Green Bali Kratom is one of the most popular Kratom strains available and is known for excellent muscle pain relief. 

  • Green Hulu Kapuas Kratom 

This strain is known for energizing, relaxing, and uplifting aroma effects. 

  • Red Vein Borneo Kratom 

This one has been a long time favorite and known for great pain control. 

  • Green Malay Kratom 

If strong, euphoric, and gently energizing aroma is what you are looking for, Green Malay Kratom is highly recommended to meet your needs. 

  • Red Hulu Kapuas Kratom 

It is a graded A+ quality kratom with a strong, relaxing, and euphoric aroma. 

  • White Elephant Kratom 

This strain has higher alkaloid contents than others and it is great energizing and mood uplifting. 

  • Yellow Maeng Da Kratom 

Of all the strains, this one is 100% organic and has no additives contents. It has freshness guaranteed and is known for energizing yet mellow aroma. 

  • White Borneo Kratom 

For mood enhancement, stability, and happiness, White Borneo Kratom is the best strain for you for it has energetic and soothing strain perfect for everyday use. 

If you are looking for quality Kratom products online, The Kratom Connection is your one-stop-shop that offers fresh, best, and affordable Kratom powder for sale. You may check our website at or call us at (858) 598-3005 for more details. 

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Major Trends That Will Impact the Construction 

The construction industry is known to be one of the most stable and profitable industries in the United States. It is flexible and adaptable even amid the pandemic. Every trend that happens in a year always appears and reflects in different construction, whether industrial, commercial, or residential. Even if you are looking specifically for a?general contractor Bay Area, then you should know the trends that affect the overall construction industry.? 

Stable Increase in Material Costs and Slow Growth 

Even prior COVID-19 pandemic, there is an evident increase in the costs of materials and labor, not just in construction but also in different industries. As a result, companies are necessitated to fork out more just to sustain the companies and their operations. Resources are depleting and this affects almost everything that is purchased and therefore a rising cost in materials and service is expected to happen. Companies are still looking for ways to cut costs and prevent overpricing their construction services. One way to attain this is to rely on high-end technology that makes the workforce more efficient.? 

However, the ways of cutting the costs, there is no denying the rapid increase of material cost and labor affect the industry in general. While the construction industry is still growing and high in demand, this growth may be slower than we expect. Aside from the rising material costs, residential and non-residential sectors also limit their spending on construction projects.? 

More Integration of Technology? 

Technology has its ways of permeating into different aspects of our lives and this includes in how we build structures. Recent technological advancements have provided efficiency in the field including 3D printing, drones, and self-driving vehicles. 3D printing allows accurate measurements, drones are used to have a bird’s eye view, and self-driving vehicles are making the building process faster. 

The most recent technology that the industry is eyeing is the Building Information Modeling (BIM) which provides enhanced collaboration; makes the resource management more efficient, and helps the people involved to interact while the project is onset.? 

More Improved Safety Precautions and Procedures 

This industry suffers from more accidents and fatalities. After all, the construction equipment and process are heavy, bulky, and risky. And because of this, the industry received more and more criticisms. Fortunately, the criticisms have paved the way to improve safety procedures that protect especially the laborers who really do the job. Computer programmers and mobile applications make it easier for workers to adhere to safety protocols when working on any construction projects.? 

Emphasis on Sustainability 

The scrutiny and criticisms do not just positively affect the safety procedures, but also try to address the environmental concerns and damages that the old approach in the industry has incurred. One way to appeal to the Millennials and customers, in general, is to find more sustainable resources and procedures to build a structure. Because of this demand, more and more companies are opting for procedures that have a less negative impact on the environment.? 

Now that you know the factor that impacts the industry, you can use this to your advantage. Try to purchase materials in bulk, hire a competent contractor, and choose a sustainable set of materials as possible.? 

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Perfect Ideas for Your Driveways and Pavers to Use 

We often think about the performance of pavers in our yard or property. We need to choose a material that can be a good investment. Some people believe that it can improve and increase the overall appeal of your house. It also means that the home’s value can increase significantly when you try to use those best materials when you do renovations there. Using the perfect asphalt paver would give a different impression to future buyers. It can also elevate the uniqueness of the said driveway.  

Of course, it is your choice what kind of materials you want to use. It would be the great thing and best if you thought about the different options you have to check whether this one is appropriate to install or not. You can choose to have the bricks if you believe that this one can last for many years, unlike the other options. You can ask your contractors to give their insights when it comes to choosing the right one. You want to see the possible appearance after the said installation of the materials to avoid future regrets. Think more of the driveway paving. 

It would be best if you thought the driveway you are planning to have. Some people would think more of the porous tyle of the driveway. It means that it will be quick for that driveway to absorb and drain some water on the surface of it. You can also eliminate and reduce the problems in the future. Others are thinking about the traditional one since they can’t afford those modern and advanced materials. It is hard to compare if we are always after the price as there could be a massive gap among those options.  

There are some that they want to be friendly with the environment. It means that they need to consider whether the materials are environmentally friendly to trust them. We also think in advance of the possible budget that we can always afford, which includes their maintenance from time to time. You also have to expect that there will be problems and issues such as cracks and holes. It would be best if you accepted the suggestions of those professional people so that you can have a better way to deal with the problem. 

Think about the style that you want to see for your driveway. It is always hard to imagine that you have to choose between those options, but this is the right time for you to decide on your own. Be sure as well that it is easy to maintain. You need to keep this one for many years as well as you don’t need to want to spend more money on the replacement of the material. This is one of the best reasons we can think of when choosing the asphalt. You can recycle this one whenever you need to maintain and keep the same look.  

You can have a glance at those excellent driveways on the internet. You can check the materials they are using to have some ideas about where to get and buy them. You can ask the owner of those pictures to give you some ideas about your problem. 

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Indicators That You Have a Rodent Issue in Your Home 

If you think that your home is infested with rodents but you’re still unsure about it, here are some of the signs to look for and pay attention that can help verify your claim: 

Seeing a rodent 

Seeing a rodent is the most apparent indicator of a rodent situation. And if there’s one, there’s a possibility that there are several more of them. Rodents tend to rapidly breed. A female house mouse can have 6 babies every 3 weeks up to 35 every year. Because of this, you shouldn’t wait to attend this rodent issue since it can get worse easily especially if you neglect this.  


Oftentimes, rodents leave their fecal matter in places where they found food, like along baseboards, inside cardboard boxes, under sinks, pantries, food containers, kitchens, and in cabinets. Once you can see droppings in your home, guarantee to refrain from touching them or clean them up right away. But make sure to use protective gear like masks and gloves since rodent droppings can carry illnesses.  

Gnawing marks 

When you’ve found weird holes in containers or bags or even in your plumbing, chances are you have a rodent issue. Rodents will chew through just about anything to search for water and food, such as pipes. Moreover, they will sometimes cause a fire hazard since they chew through wires in your walls.  

Strange noises 

No one loves to hear weird noises in their house, particularly at night, and particularly not in their walls. However, when you have a rodent situation, you’ll surely begin to hear such noises while they travel between their feeding and nesting areas.  

Rubbing or tracks mark 

When the rodents in your house have developed a nest, there’s a possibility that they also have found food. When you begin to find dirty or greasy marks along the bottoms of walls or floors, they may be the outcome of contact with the oily fur of the rodents while it looks for food.  

Rodent nests 

Rodent nests are mended together with whatever rodents can find such as bits of insulation, cotton, cloth, paper shredding, and more. Rodents usually create their nests in secluded and dark places like between or under the floors, in attics and walls where they will not be bothered. When you can observe one at your house, then it’s more likely that rodents are living with you.  

Things you should do about a rodent issue 

There are a lot of ways to keep rodents out of your house. These include the following: 

  • During wintertime, Inspect under your car hood for rodents since they are known to take shelter near the vehicle engine’s warmth. 
  • Minimize home clutter, especially in terms of the things stored on your floor. 
  • Add metal screening to your windows close to the ground and guarantee that you tightly seal the floor drains in the floor.  
  • Maintain your plumbing so that rodents cannot get access to water.  
  • Utilize concrete flooring in your basement instead of wood flooring to prevent them from chewing it through.  
  • Keep shrubbery and tree limbs near your house trimmed 
  • Caulk and seal any holes you can observe outside that can lead rodents inside your home 
  • Keep trash in plastic or a heavy-duty metal containers 
  • Keep food in rodent-proof containers 
  • Flush your storage containers always to prevent rodents to build nest around or reach them. 
  • Keep storage containers at least 18 inches off of your floor 

To remove rodents, you need to set traps with rat poison and food bait. But, make sure to consult a certified exterminator Memphis first to do it safely.  

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